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2DC Motor Driver

L293 2DC Motor Driver
2DC Motor Driver Connection

Logic Supply: Circuit power pin - connect to +5V on Arduino board.

GND: Circuit ground pin - connect to GND on Arduino board.

Power Supply: Motor power pins - connect to +/- 12V DC.

Motor 1: connect the two motor wire.

Motor 2: connect the two motor wire.

Enable 1&2: enable pins for l293d IC - connect to Digital pins on Arduino board. #Always Should Be HIGH

Input AB: activate motor 1 on l293d - connect to Digital pins on Arduino board.

Input CD: activate motor 2 on l293d - connect to Digital pins on Arduino board.

2DC Motor Driver Arduino Code
int EnablePin1 = 12; int EnablePin2 = 5; int Input1Motor1 = 8; int Input2Motor1 = 9; int Input1Motor2 = 10; int Input2Motor2 = 11; void setup() { pinMode(5,OUTPUT); pinMode(8,OUTPUT); pinMode(9,OUTPUT); pinMode(10,OUTPUT); pinMode(11,OUTPUT); pinMode(12,OUTPUT); } void loop() { digitalWrite(EnablePin1,HIGH); // Always Should By HIGH digitalWrite(EnablePin2,HIGH); // Always Should By HIGH digitalWrite(Input1Motor1,HIGH); digitalWrite(Input2Motor1,LOW); delay(250); digitalWrite(Input2Motor1,HIGH); digitalWrite(Input1Motor1,LOW); delay(500); digitalWrite(Input1Motor2,HIGH); digitalWrite(Input2Motor2,LOW); delay(500); digitalWrite(Input2Motor2,HIGH); digitalWrite(Input1Motor2,LOW); delay(750); }