Sirius Company

Sirius Story

The company was officially licensed in 2016 as a small company.
After it was incubated at ICTI Lattakia for "Sound of Mute" project on April 2015.
It began producing the first model of the Echo+ Glove.
In addition, to manufactured circuits meet the needs of the local city as well as software and engineering solutions.
After dealing with the deaf and mute directly, we noticed the difficulties faced by some individuals in our society.
So, we expand our goal to innovate electronic products to serve people with different disabilities in Arab markets.
Where we are still working on the development of the Echo+ Glove to get the best results.
However, by the beginning of 2017 we start working on Argo+ Glove.
In addition to early research to produce an artificial limbs to be within the permanent use.
All these products and what will follow it works to ensure the effectiveness of all segments of society.
To be all as equal as one and give a spark of hope for a better life.